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The connected card

Fidesmo simplifies your life

1. Choose a service to buy from any collaborating app

2. Pay for the service through the Fidesmo app

3. Load the service onto your Fidesmo Card and start using it


Tickets - instantly

Buy tickets in any city with full control of your balance

Buy your tickets anywhere

No more queuing in front of a ticket machine

One card, many cities

Load all your public transit cards to your Fidesmo Card

Always know what is on your card

Just use your phone to check what is on your Fidesmo Card


Featured services

Services using Fidesmo

Sunfleet logotype


Sweden's largest carpool (in testing)

Telcred logotype


Innovative access control

Fidesmo OTP logotype

Fidesmo OTP

Secure two factor authentication


When are you launching?

The target is to launch a pilot in a Swedish city during the winter

Does it work in all cities?

The Fidesmo Card works in all cities connected to the Fidesmo platform. Please tell your city you want us there!

How do I download the app?

The app is free and available on Google Play