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Engineering Manager

We are now looking for an Engineering Manager to join our team in Madrid.

About us

Fidesmo is a technology company based in Stockholm with a research and development center in Madrid. We are building a platform to distribute contactless services to any device having a secure chip: in other words, we want that any watch, bracelet, ring, mobile phone, piece of clothing or even subcutaneous implant (yes, you read right) can be used to pay for a purchase, hop on the train, get inside an office building or rent a car.

Our engineering team makes it all possible: by developing and deploying secure and highly scalable server code and mobile apps, integrating with our partners and solving all kinds of support issues and always applying creativity while maintaining high standards of quality and reliability.

As Fidesmo’s activities expand in scope and complexity, we need to reinforce the engineering team’s coordination functions, making sure it can face new challenges while providing a rich environment where our developers, sysadmins and support engineers can perform at their best and develop successful careers.

Main functions and responsibilities

The Engineering Manager will collaborate closely with the CTO to execute the technology strategy, be a member of Fidesmo’s Management Team and report to the CEO.

The Engineering Manager’s main objective is to enable members of the team to grow professionally, while building a stellar product.

Fidesmo’s Engineering team consists of 8-10 people and is composed of backend and frontend developers, quality assurance/support engineers and also systems administrators working using agile methods.


The Engineering Manager responsibilities are:

  • Coordinate platform development: backend and frontend, according to requirements coming from Product Management and other teams.
  • Monitor and improve the processes by which requirements are grouped into projects and how these projects are executed
  • Assign engineering resources to projects according to company-wide priorities
  • Monitor, evaluate and ensure the completion of tasks and projects
  • Champion ideas from the team around improvements and enhancements of engineering tools, environments and capabilities to Product Management and to the Management Team
  • Perform regular one-on-one coaching with all members of the engineering team
  • Keep track of each team member’s activities, progress and performance
  • Support the professional development of the team, such as training and project assignments etc
  • Build and maintain the engineering team according to the company’s needs: hiring, role rotation, etc. Responsible for running recruitment processes for the team.
  • Set broader team objectives
  • Coordination of the support function within the team, on-call rotation etc
  • Line-manager duties for the engineering team: salary discussions and setting of compensation, vacation and attendance tracking, etc

Skills and previous experience


  • University degree in Computer Science, Engineering or Information Technology
  • Past hands-on experience developing software, as a developer and as an added bonus, as a systems architect
  • Experience leading software development teams: either in a similar position (formal manager) or by working as team lead in a complex project during an extended period of time, preferably in product-focused companies and in small organizations or startups.
  • Fluent in English and in Spanish



  • Information security knowledge and experience
  • Methodologies in software development
  • Operations: customer support, incident response
  • Formal IT frameworks such as ITIL, ISO 9000, etc