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This is Fidesmo Pay

Fidesmo Pay przybyło

Fidesmo Pay is launching in Poland and is looking for driven, enthusiastic and creative partners to bring their service to Poland. Fidesmo has changed the way the world pays, by bringing payment technology to accessories.

We are now looking for partners to help create and build the market for a new payment device in Poland. Fidesmo can help provide a network of manufacturers, technology and security in order to make our new partner in Poland a success.


  • Integrations to live issuers in Poland
  • Ready and proven business in Germany and Nordics
  • Implement into existing designs or create new ones
  • Be part of the rapidly growing contactless payment market
  • Scalable business model with low overhead
  • Grow your market with Fidesmo's growth

How does it work?

Fidesmo provides certified payment NFC chips with inbuilt payment functionality that jewelry makers selling rings, bracelets or other accessories can integrate into your products. Integrating the small NFC chips will enable your customers to connect a payment card to your products, using the payment service Fidesmo Pay. Your customers can then securely tap and pay with their new wearable in stores around the world.

We are providing the payment service Fidesmo Pay together with the world leading payment schemes – Mastercard and Visa – together with several banks globally. Fidesmo Pay works just like any other contactless mobile payment service – except that we enable payment cards to be connected to passive, batteryless wearables.

We are looking for:

  • Experienced marketing talents
  • Exceptional drive and ambition
  • e-commerce background
  • Understanding for storytelling and media outreach


Contact us at to learn more about how to join the Fidesmo network.

Learn more about Fidesmo Pay

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