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Add smart functionality without compromising on design.

Fidesmo has changed the way the world pays, by bringing payment technology to accessories. We enable watch brands to turn their products into payment wearables that support Mastercard, Visa and many bank cards. We provide the tech – you focus on the design and reaching new customers.

Increase value and usability

How does it work?

Fidesmo provides waterproof, certified payment NFC chips with inbuilt payment functionality that can be integrated in different materials, such as leather, polyester, nylon, canvas and much more. This means that watch manufacturers can integrate these small chips into their products, enabling the customers to connect a payment card using the payment service Fidesmo Pay. The customers can then securely tap and pay with the watch in stores around the world. The NFC chip is passive, which means no battery or charging needed.

We are providing the payment service Fidesmo Pay together with the world leading payment schemes – Mastercard and Visa – together with several banks globally. Fidesmo Pay works just like any other contactless mobile payment service, except that we enable payment cards to be connected to passive, batteryless wearables.


  • Analog accessories have untapped potential. They are worn everyday by your loyal customers - why not add extra value?
  • Reach new customers in new countries
  • Add capabilities to accessories and increase your retail prices and margins
  • Offer something different to your competitors
  • Implement into existing designs or create new ones
  • Be part of the rapidly growing contactless payment market

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Want to learn more about the Fidesmo Pay offering and how it works? Read more here.

Trial program

We offer a trial program for both large and small watch manufacturers in order to test and evaluate the experience of implementing NFC chips into the products. It comes with a pay-as-you go structure, offering a simple and scalable model.

Create your own contactless straps or let our professional partners produce the straps for you. If you want to test just a few watches, we’re here to help.


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