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Software Developer - Madrid

Are you a good programmer? Would you like to move to Functional Programming in Scala, while developing a really innovative product? Then you should talk to us!

About us

Fidesmo is a technology startup based in Stockholm with a research and development center in Madrid. We are building a platform to distribute contactless services to any device having a secure chip: in other words, we want that any watch, bracelet, mobile phone, ring, piece of clothing or even subcutaneous implant (yes, you read that right) can be used to pay for a purchase, hop on the train, get inside an office building or rent a car.

This requires writing code that runs on a chip with only a few kilobytes of RAM, or very scalable server code, or code that controls security devices according to the strictest standards from the payments industry. Plus the clients (Android, iOS, JavaScript and also command line). We can say that in Fidesmo we do a bit of everything, and, though this position focuses on developing our backend services you will also have the opportunity of working in other areas. By building our own product we are free from the typical pressure coming from contract development: we program with quality following our own rules.

You can find a technical description of our platform in our website The Fidesmo mobile app is published in Google Play and in Apple AppStore. Fidesmo has also open-sourced a few components: the Nordpol library to improve NFC handling in Android and FDSM, a command line client

If you…

  • Have mad programming skills
  • Have more than one year experience in the JVM ecosystem
  • Are very interested in functional programming
  • Love to develop yourself as well as your co-workers
  • Like working in small, flexible teams that verify each other’s work
  • Are comfortable with English as your everyday working language

Then you’ll love working at Fidesmo!


What you will be working with  

  • Programming languages: Scala, Java, Kotlin, Swift
  • Frameworks: akka-http, http4s, Scalatest, Cats
  • Secure Element tech: JavaCard, GlobalPlatform, EMV, Mifare
  • Mobile OSs: Android, iOS
  • Deployment environment: Docker+Portainer, Jenkins, Cassandra, Redis, NGINX
  • Development environment: Github, SBT


What we offer

We are a young company with a mission. We have a unique technology and we want to change the world by spreading it. You will be part of building that dream. On top of that we have:

  • Office in central Madrid
  • Flexible working arrangements, including remote work
  • 25 days annual paid vacation
  • Internal and external training in Functional Programming and related technical subjects.
  • Competitive salary (25.000 to 40.000 euros annually, depending on your experience)
  • An exciting project in a very hot technology field!


Join us!

Submit your CV and cover letter to: