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BoB (Swedish National Ticket Standard)-logotype

The National Ticket Standard (BoB) is owned by the public transport sector in Sweden. BoB is financed by the owners of Samtrafiken and is maintained and developed at the request of the board of Samtrafiken.

Our partnership with BoB

Fidesmo is fully-integrated into the new Samtrafiken standard for Swedish public transport ticketing. Our platform helps bridge the gap between hardware and systems. Thanks to the integration, all bearers that connect with Fidesmo can be part of a ticketing system based on the BoB-standard. This enables their commuters to use alternative ID-bearers to local cards when traveling.

Fidesmo is working with BoB to provide public transport users with the option to both upload their tickets to the device of their choice and to travel with less friction between regions and their respective regions.