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Contactless opportunities

Bringing security to the ever-growing world of contactless transactions

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We enable secure element integrations in several areas

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Fidesmo brings the world of contactless opportunities together in an all-in-one secure platform for device manufactures and service providers.

As a technology-agnostic company, we can integrate any contactless services onto secure elements on any device, be it a wearable, phone, smart key chain, or even a biometric card. This brings added security to your customers’ transactions while delivering seamless contactless services through powerful keyless technology.


Enabling contactless services on secure elements

We offer simple and cost-effective entry into the fast-growing contactless market – opening up a world of opportunities to the untapped potential of digital transactions.

“At Samsung, we are passionate about innovation and love seeing our products being used in new ways.

The partnership with Fidesmo does just that – new ways that our technology make everyday life a little more simple”

Oscar Nöjd

Head of Sales Innovation, Samsung



9 Nov 2023

Fidesmo appoints new CEO, Anders Malmström, in the wake of accelerating commercial progress

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16 May 2022

An interview with Fidesmo’s founders

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27 Apr 2023

Hello iPhone users – meet Fidesmo Pay

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