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Information for candidates

Thanks for your interest in working at Fidesmo! We are sure you have many questions (all of us had before joining the company), so we have put together a set of facts about us to help you through the recruitment process, and to let you know what you can expect to find during your first weeks and months at the company.

What do we actually do?

Fidesmo is a technology company to the core: we do not just use technology, we create new tech and apply it to solving practical problems related to contactless technologies.

Most of our time is spent developing, testing and deploying software, working with partners to decide on the evolution of our products, signing-up more customers and partners and taking care of their needs, and building a brand that reflects our values by carefully crafting our communications…

While the details depend on each person’s role, all our work centers on creating an ecosystem of applications and devices that makes life easier for everyone, and discovering new ways of applying contactless technology to solving everyday problems.

What are our values?

Everybody at Fidesmo tries to evaluate our actions according to these three values:


Within Fidesmo, it means that we trust our people: each Fidesmo employee is empowered to make decisions in their area of responsibility. This also means that when a mistake is made, we don’t play a blame game, but try to learn from it and not fail in the same way twice. It also means that we need to put great care in choosing who our future colleagues are!

Towards the outside world, it means that we want everyone to trust our promises: that we will deliver on time, that we keep our partners’ sensitive material well guarded; in short, that we are a reliable partner. This forces us, on the technical side, to invest a lot of money and time in having a top-notch secure data center and security processes, and on the commercial side, to be sure to only promise what we can deliver.



Good things take time. We don’t rush things, we believe in building long term relationships with partners, we know that very often entire products have to be redesigned: not a problem, that’s the way we learn and improve the quality of our platform. We don’t set internal deadlines, as we don’t want to rush progress artificially.



At Fidesmo, everyone is welcome to ask questions. Our favorite word is “why?”. This keeps us on our toes, avoids lazy thinking and tends to bring out the best of everyone.

We don’t accept the status quo, we push towards change. We do, as a matter of course, things that a few years ago many people in the industry were saying “Impossible!”. With hard work, trust in our own capabilities, and a large dose of patience, it’s not so impossible any more.

What expectations do we have for you?

Obviously, that you agree with our values and make them your own. We expect you to be open-minded, to listen and learn how we run our business, and then to contribute your best work and ideas to making it better and more successful.

We expect you to respect your colleagues and business partners. We prefer help and teamwork to internal competition; only in an environment of trust and respect can we discuss ideas freely.

We have few rules, but the ones we have were carefully chosen, so we expect you to agree to follow them. But this does not mean that you cannot question them or suggest changes to make them better.

How is Fidesmo organized?

Fidesmo is a company based in Sweden (Stockholm), with subsidiaries in Spain (Madrid) and Germany (Bamberg). The German Fidesmo is a pure sales organization, while Madrid is where most of our engineering is done. Stockholm concentrates our central functions (CEO, marketing, finance, product management) and some of our people are also fully remote, working usually from Estonia, Ukraine, and The Netherlands.

Since we are still a fairly small company, we do not need to have many management levels: you are never more than one level away from the CEO, and remember our “Challenge” value? You are welcome to talk to everyone at Fidesmo. Managers are there to coordinate, support and sometimes even coach; not to boss you around.

We structure our distributed workforce into functional teams: Development, Sales, Product and Marketing are the main ones. We also have some people that do not really belong to any of those, like Finance or Security.

How do we hire?

We strongly believe in keeping it simple, avoiding quizzes or games. We want to talk with you, know your experience, your way of thinking and of working, your knowledge, so that we can evaluate if you are a good fit for the position and for the team.

We expect the same meetings to be of use to you: your questions are very welcome so you can make the best decision once you know more about our company, our culture, and your future colleagues. We usually run three interviews:

– The first will be mostly about the contents of this page: information about Fidesmo products, organization and culture/values. We will ask you about your professional experience and general approach to problem solving. You will get to know your direct manager.

– The second interview will be very domain-specific. A team of future colleagues will ask questions about the role: for example, if it is a position for a programmer, you can expect to be asked about programming languages, hard problems you have solved in the past, and your opinion about some hot topic.

– The third interview will be with the CEO or with another member of the Management Team. Expect it to be more free-form, an exchange of opinions about some aspects of our industry or a technical matter.

How do we onboard our new colleagues?

We strongly believe that your first weeks at Fidesmo are crucial: you will get to know new people, use new tools, learn new technology and concepts, even if you are in a non-technical job.

A good first impression will reassure you that you have made the right decision coming to Fidesmo: most of us have gone through terrible introductions, even at top companies, where we were left alone at a desk with a stack of old photocopies and a ballpoint pen.

Therefore, we always put a lot of effort into welcoming our new colleagues. For the first week, we will run introduction sessions on a range of topics: some are general, such as an overview of our industry, how the company is organized, basic processes, and some are domain specific. For example, if you are a software engineer, expect to be briefed on our development and release processes, backend architecture, a primer on how we communicate with secure chips, and so on. If you have joined the sales team, you will get to know our sales process, how we qualify leads, who are our main partners and how we convinced them to work with us, and so on.

Those sessions are delivered “physically”, no video calls, and by different people so you have a chance to get to know more colleagues.

During the first month, you will do some “on-the-job training”: we will pick a project or task that does not require much previous knowledge but that will force you to talk to many people internally and get to learn our tools and processes. One of us will also perform the role of a mentor who will guide you through this first project, answering all of your questions.

Then, you will get more and more interesting work, learn the arcane secrets of the contactless world, and before you know it you will become a true expert in the field, welcoming our next new colleagues!

How do we use Blockchain?

We don’t.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We’re looking forward to getting to know you better!