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Our solution

We bring the world of contactless opportunities together in one secure platform for service providers and device manufacturers. Integration is simple, reach is global, transactions are secure, ROI is fast, and growth is inevitable. See our video below.

We enable secure contactless transactions in several areas

Official partners

We are proud to work with leaders and experts within several different areas. See our official partners here.

Technology-agnostic platform

Our ambition is to become “The world’s leading secure element enabler”, through our state- of- the art integration platform for contactless services. The Fidesmo platform is technology-agnostic – supporting new opportunities across different channels as they arise, providing ready made contactless integrations, business relationships, and certifications that radically lower the time and effort required to launch a new contactless service or device.


The Fidesmo Architecture

Fidesmo’s platform securely integrates contactless services to cards, mobile phones and other devices containing a secure element (SE), a secure NFC chip providing a hardware-based root of trust. Whether the form factor is a plastic card, biometric card, a phone or a wearable does not matter. Fidesmo is pre-integrated with leading SE vendors, both for passive and active chips.

“Our focus is to aid our partners growth by strengthening our network of services and devices, thus creating a larger and more attractive market. By enabling integrations and business relationships across services and across devices, every new customer, service provider or device distributor adds to the number of potential collaborations and makes the overlapping customer sets increase.”


Ulrich Dreefs

Head of Sales & Partnerships, Fidesmo

More services

Access control
With Fidesmo access control, smart lock providers can offer customers the ability to add keys securely to a personal device containing a secure element, such as a mobile phone or a fashion wearable. Fidesmo supports some leading access control schemes out-of-the box.


Biometric Cards
What is a biometric card? It’s the next step in creating a more secure and reliable payment card. Fidesmo is working with the leading biometric card vendors to create a tokenized biometric card. The synergies of these two technologies will create a more secure card, since the real PAN won’t be on the card, but more importantly it will open up for new distribution channels, allowing partners to sell an open biometric card.


CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency)
With the future of financial transactions becoming more digital, the use of currency and cash will follow. In order to fully digitally replace notes and coins, the digital replacement must follow the same traits. Digital currencies must work offline, they must be able to transfer to another person anonymously and be accepted nationally. Securely storing the digital notes or coins offline will require a secure element. Fidesmo is doing exactly this as part of one of the world’s first CBDC projects.


Digital Car Keys
The Car Connectivity Consortium is preparing technical blueprints for digital car keys, supporting NFC and UWB. The foundation will be that credentials are stored on secure elements. This allows Fidesmo to help broaden the market for different hardware manufacturers. Fidesmo is also working to support the keys of proprietary car key solutions, such as the Tesla Key Cards.

The latest news

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5 Oct 2021

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