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Fidesmo becomes Preferred Security Partner with Infineon Technologies

In a development in the secure element industry, the services platform Fidesmo has established a new level of partnership with Infineon Technologies AG, a world leader in semiconductor solutions. This officially designates Fidesmo as Preferred Security Partner to Infineon, further reinforcing the work already being done between the two companies.

Fidesmo becomes Preferred Security Partner with Infineon Technologies

A Step Forward in Wearable Technology Security

Co-founder and Executive Vice President Mattias Eld is proud of the partnership and emphasized that it is only starting out.

“We are excited about the ambitions of Infineon. This partnership is just starting out, and we at Fidesmo are fully committed to exploring the potential that it holds. Together, we aim to redefine the landscape of payment technology and secure digital transactions, marking a new era of innovation and consumer convenience. The future looks promising, and we can’t wait to see where this collaboration will take us.”

Tolgahan Yildiz, Vice President of Trusted Mobile Connectivity and Transactions at Infineon, expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership.

“We are delighted to welcome Fidesmo as a Preferred Security Partner, renowned for its excellent expertise in upgrading any wearable to a secured payment device featuring a digital wallet.”

Mr Yildiz continued:
“With SECORA™ Connect S & SECORA Pay W wearable solutions from Infineon it has never been easier for consumers to pick their favorite payment card and securely tokenize it into a wearable. By doing so, a sports watch or smart ring becomes an NFC device with a tokenized payment wallet including all the necessary payment approvals. In the future, the partnership will focus on merging connected IoT devices with digital wallets and secure authentication.”

What’s next

The partnership between Fidesmo and Infineon lowers the barriers to add payment technology and digital security into everyday devices. Both companies share a vision of pushing the boundary in the way we interact with wearable technology and digital transactions.

The focus on merging IoT devices with digital wallets and secure authentication further cements this alliance as a driving force in the intersection of technology, convenience, and security.

As we look to the future, the collaboration between Fidesmo and Infineon is poised to unlock possibilities, set new standards and enhance consumer experiences worldwide.


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