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LAKS signs with Fidesmo

LAKS signs with Fidesmo

Expanding Wearables Offerings for Customers, Streamlining Processes for Banks, and Increasing Accessibility for Users

Stockholm, Sweden – May 2, 2024

Fidesmo, the leading provider of secure contactless payment solutions for wearable devices, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with LAKS, the renowned Austrian wearables brand specializing in innovative and artful products.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the wearable tech industry, as it combines Fidesmo’s cutting-edge payments platform Fidesmo Pay with LAKS’s commitment to delivering high-quality wearable devices to consumers across the world.

Fidesmo Pay enables seamless integration of payment capabilities into various wearable devices, allowing users to make secure transactions with just a tap.

Commenting on the agreement, Fidesmo’s CEO Anders Malmström expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Fidesmo is very happy to welcome LAKS to the Fidesmo platform, and we look forward to working together to bring innovative payment solutions to the market.”

Lucas Alexander Karl Scheybal, Owner of LAKS, emphasizes: LAKS invented the world’s first NFC watch, certified for contactless payments with Mastercard in 2006, which is now exhibited in the British Museum in London. We are proud pioneers in this industry and combine creativity with cutting-edge technology to deliver products of exceptional quality. Our mission is to simplify the lives of our customers with style. Through our collaboration with Fidesmo, we are presented with new opportunities to further expand our offerings. We look forward to working together with Fidesmo to enhance the value we provide to our customers.”

Both companies aim to drive the adoption of wearable payments and enhance the overall customer experience for a rapidly and continuously growing community.

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About Fidesmo

Fidesmo is a Swedish technology company founded in 2013, making it easier for people to interact with their surroundings securely and seamlessly by providing a platform for contactless services and secure element based hardware. Fidesmo offers integrations that enable devices to be used for contactless payments, public transport tickets, access control, and more. The company’s mission is to bring convenience and security to the everyday lives of users worldwide.

Fidesmo has established partnerships with a wide range of organizations, from financial institutions to public transport operators and access control companies, to embed its technology into a variety of devices — from watches and wristbands to key fobs and smartphones. With a strong commitment to privacy and security, Fidesmo ensures that all interactions are not only seamless but also protected by the latest encryption technology.