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Digital ID

Securely digitize physical IDs. Fidesmo enables electronic IDs on secure elements found in phones and other devices, increasing the protection of highly sensitive information.


Bring convenience and security to personal identification.


Storing a digital ID on a secure element makes individuals’ virtual identities more secure, as we enable authentication proof for mobile applications.


We offer ID interoperability within EU member states, based on the eIDAS Token standard.

End-to-end - Fidesmo’s Trusted Service Manager (TSM) platform for secure elements include:

  • A full-blown, end-to-end eID architecture, which provides solutions from personal eID for B2B use cases, to national IDs based on European eIDAS and worldwide ICAO standards for national IDs and travel documents
  • Access to demo use cases
  • A partner consortium of experienced expert solution providers
  • Solution blueprints for nation states‘ eID enrolment projects
  • Fast & efficient Trusted Service Manager (TSM) secure element integration