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Creating contactless opportunities

Join our partners in the Fidesmo ecosystem and get access to a world of secure transactions. We work with market leaders, trendsetters, and companies that are driving change in contactless technology. 

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Fidesmo is the leading provider of contactless transaction technology. Our platform is used by banks, payment providers, mobile phone manufacturers, public transport companies, and wearable manufacturers to provide their customers with secure and seamless payments. When you join our platform, you get:

  • Hassle-free entry into the fast-growing contactless payments market
  • Smooth onboarding without the need for costly development and investment costs
  • Access to our partner network, including payment services from Mastercard and Visa
  • Highest-grade encryption for highest-grade transaction security
  • A trusted supplier with over ten years of experience 
  • A world of opportunity to grow your business

The Fidesmo ecosystem

Our areas of expertise

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