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How to create wearable payment buzz in the contactless payment market

Since the launch of the contactless wearable brand PAGOPACE, the German startup has been seen on German television, radio, social media and in the newspapers. We sat down with Lukas Schmitz, Managing Director at PAGOPACE, to find out the secrets to their successful marketing.

How to create wearable payment buzz in the contactless payment market

What benefits did you see in starting a wearable payment brand?

– For a long time we have had interest in the wearable market, due to its high-growth and scalable potential. The Coronavirus pandemic also led to an increased demand for contactless payments, which paves the way for wearable payments.


What is important to have in mind when getting into the wearable payments market?

– It’s important to plan internationalization according to new banks in new countries. When a new bank activates Fidesmo Pay, we automatically get new potential customers, as their payment cards can be connected to the PAGOPACE rings. The solution is very scalable and enables big opportunities for us.


What activities have you invested in? In which channels?

– We do a lot of marketing on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and influencer collaborations on social media. We also put a lot of time and effort in press work, to be visible in the public media.


What type of content has been most successful so far, and why?

– I would say that our press articles have been the most successful – successful in the sense that the people who may not have heard of us before have the opportunity to get a great understanding of the product and its functionality.


What are the challenges of marketing payment accessories?

– There is no doubt that payment accessories are on the rise, but we still need to remember that it is a new way of making payments, compared to how long cash and cards have been on the market. Therefore, awareness creation is critical and also to reach out to the ones who still have not explored the benefits of paying contactless.


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