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Fidesmo & Samsung collaboration

We are moving towards a world of contactless services. Lately we have seen the rapid growth of contactless payment services on mobile phones and other smart devices. Integrating services requires a high level of security, both for the service provider as well as for consumers, to enable a secure user experience.

The secure element (eSE) of mobile phones is a vital component of any modern mobile phone that wants to enable secure services. Integrating and storing services on the eSE opens up for an improved and more friendly consumer journey since the phone does not need to be active and can function without a battery, transforming the eSE of the mobile phone works as a traditional card in this sense.


To accelerate the availability of new secure services, Fidesmo has partnered up with Samsung Electronics Nordic. Fidesmo has an all-in-one platform to enable contactless services on secure elements. As a trusted partner of Samsung, Fidesmo can remotely integrate contactless services on the embedded Secure Element (eSE) of Samsung devices. This allows for a scalable and efficient process for services to access Samsung devices.


“At Samsung, we are passionate about innovation and love seeing our products such as mobile phones and smart watches being used in new ways. The partnership with Fidesmo does just that – new ways that our technology make everyday life a little more simple”, says Oscar Nöjd – Head of Sales Innovation for Mobile in the Nordics, Samsung.

“Fidesmo strives to provide the market with the most secure and easy to use solutions to enable contactless services. Partnering with Samsung, we are confident that our integration to the eSE will enable more usability to users of Samsung phones”, says Marie Lundberg – Director of Partnerships, Fidesmo.


By this co-operation, Fidesmo and Samsung together address the market for secure services on mobile phones. Fidesmo functions as the on-boarding middleware and to ensure secure contactless integrations, while Samsung controls the security on the mobile phones. Service Providers can through Fidesmo get access to the eSE of Samsung mobile phones, something that was difficult before. Fidesmo has already pre-integrated services within public transport ticketing, access control and digital identification, which makes the time to market quicker and more cost efficient.