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Fidesmo Pay for Issuers

Revolutionize your consumer experience with Fidesmo Pay

Embrace the future of banking by activating Fidesmo Pay, the innovative tokenization platform that enhances your customers’ experience. Offering seamless activation, top-notch security, and the convenience of contactless payments, Fidesmo Pay is the ultimate solution for forward-thinking financial institutions. Stay ahead of the competition and make a lasting impact in the rapidly evolving world of contactless payments.

Stay top of wallet.

  • Cards linked to a wearable such as a ring or a watch, typically become top of wallet for contactless PoS payments.
  • With no fumbling in pockets, buttons to press at checkout, and no batteries required, wearables provide the most convenient way to pay.
  • With contactless becoming the number one way to pay at the PoS, you need to ensure your card is top of wallet.

Transform Your Banking Experience Today

Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your bank’s offerings with Fidesmo Pay. By incorporating this state-of-the-art tokenization platform into your payment ecosystem, you’ll empower customers to enjoy the convenience and security they demand, all while securing your place as a leader in the financial industry. Contact us today to learn more about activating Fidesmo Pay and revolutionizing your customers’ banking experience.

We’re using payment wearables as a give-away to customers. Through the wearables, we can offer them something different that fits perfectly with our brand.

Martin Ogarp

Head of Cards, Centre of Excellence at Nordea Bank

Grow loyalty and give your customers something positive to talk about.

Paying with a wearable isn’t just a convenient and secure way to pay, it is also unique. This is why banks across Europe are using it to market their services and offer customers something new that connects to their brands. In a world where interests rates dominate every consumer decision, it’s good to be able to offer something different that makes your customers feel a bit special, while increasing their loyalty and card usage.

Activating Fidesmo Pay provides your bank with unparalleled advantages:

  • Customer Convenience: Enable customers to make contactless payments with a variety of wearables and even cards - providing an effortless and fast payment experience.
  • Enhanced Security: Utilizing tokenization technology, Fidesmo Pay safeguards sensitive card information and reduces the risk of fraud, ensuring the highest level of security for every transaction.
  • Increased Brand Loyalty: Deliver cutting-edge payment solutions and an exceptional user experience to keep your customers satisfied and loyal to your bank.
  • Activation made simple. Fidesmo is integrated to both the VISA (VTS) and Mastercard (MDES) tokenization platforms - enabling a straight forward activation process

Our wearable partners

We collaborate with several fashion brands offering a variety of wearables that you can use with Fidesmo Pay. Choose between contactless rings, bracelets, key-rings, watches and much more.

Frequently asked questions

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I’m an issuer and want to activate Fidesmo Pay

The process to activate Fidesmo Pay depends which scheme you are connected to. But the first step is to reach out to the account manager for VTS or MDES. If you have more detailed questions, feel free to reach out to Fidesmo directly.

What’s the difference between Fidesmo Pay and other “Pays”?

Fidesmo Pay is a tokenization service connected to both Mastercard’s (MDES) and VISA’s (VTS) tokenization platforms. The main difference between Fidesmo Pay and other “Pays” is that Fidesmo connects to a large network of OEM’s and not just one manufacturer. This flexibility also allows for issuers to offer their own devices to their customers, clients and employees.

Are wearable payments with Fidesmo Pay secure?

Yes. When you connect a payment card to your wearable with Fidesmo Pay, a reference of the card is created, a reference with a different card number, this is called a token. This card number can only be used on your wearable – not online or anywhere else – which means that your wearable is protected against skimming and even if the card number would leak on the internet (e.g. if there would be a data leak from one of the stores where you have made a payment) it cannot be used anywhere else. The card number on the wearable is also cryptographically connected to that certain wearable, and the card number can not be added to any other physical wearable that you can pay with. To summarise, wearable payments with Fidesmo Pay are very secure, even more secure than paying with a physical payment card, where that card number can be used both when paying in-store as well as online.