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Contactless payments

Trusted market leader

We provide a wide coverage in the wearable payment market, offering your customers a new convenient way to make secure contactless payments.


Our payment service is based on tokenization. This best-in-class technology adds an extra layer of protection to card-based tap and pay purchases, ensuring your
customers’ in-store payment security.


By activating Fidesmo Pay, your customers can choose from a broad portfolio of contactless payment wearables, all under one single payment service.


Fidesmo is trusted by the world’s leading payment schemes – Visa and Mastercard – as one of the few token requestors to offer both schemes on one platform.

When we scale – you scale

The Fidesmo Pay wearable portfolio is constantly growing thanks to our fast onboarding of new, innovative wearable partners. Our partners offer a variety of wearables, such as contactless rings, bracelets, keyrings and watches, in a variety of colors and styles.

We handle relations and onboarding of wearable providers, you sit back as your card becomes top of wallet and transaction revenues grow.

When we began our collaboration with Fidesmo our vision was to offer people the opportunity to pay with whatever wearable they want, no matter who they bank with. But so many things have happened since then that are contributing to growth, so I expect to see rapid expansion. Early adopters are already influencing the market. New and existing wearable companies will come with added services and innovations.

Manuel Thoma

Head of Marketing, petaFuel

Benefits of activating Fidesmo Pay as an issuer

  • Stay top of wallet
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Improve in-store payment security
  • Create new marketing opportunities
  • Offer customers innovative offline services

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