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Seamless ticketing

Make travel more convenient

Provide travelers with a mobile tap-and-go ticketing solution from phones and wearables.


Fidesmo provides ready-made integrations into smartphone’s secure elements, across a variety of standards. We enable a secure element based mobile ticketing experience based on your existing solution, like DESFire or BoB based ticketing systems – so there is no need to invest in new costly systems.


Whatever a phone’s charge – 100, one or zero percent – the ticket will be read, as it is stored in the phone’s passive secure element.


Let your users commute with a simple tap of the smartphone or wearable against the NFC ticket reader – as fast as a traditional travel card.

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Use case

12 Oct 2021

Five reasons why public transport operators are investing in new mobile ticketing technology

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23 Oct 2019

Fidesmo is now integrated in the new standard for public transport ticketing by Samtrafiken

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10 Feb 2021

Public transport ticketing is now easier with Fidesmo Pay

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